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Acrylic Music Plaque

Acrylic Music Plaque

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If you are a music lover then this is for you. I put so much effort into every single detail to make sure it is going to be just as you imagine. In order to do that, it is important that you read the instructions carefully.

Find below the info we need:


-Name of the song

-Optional - Personal Photo (UPLOAD your picture once you placed the order, or let us know you prefer the album cover)

I’m going to use the picture you sent, make sure you send a high quality picture. It is going to be adjusted to fit in the plaque but we can’t do magic if it is low quality (screenshots, blurry, pixeled, watermark images, and such).

Keep in mind that the personal picture is optional, if we don't hear from you your order it's going to be delayed.

Plaque Size is 8 inch x 10 inches

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