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Learn To Sew Class

One On One Class

  • 8 hr
  • 200 US dollars

Service Description

YOU GET ONE FREE COURTESY RESCHEDULED AFTER THEIR IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $50 I’m teaching you what I know and we are practicing new things together 8 Hours Can Be Split Up Includes: Measurements I Used Materials That I Use One On One Class We Always Practicing New Projects Mask Bonnets Blankets Pillows Bell Bottoms Kids Bummies More LEAVE YOUR EMAIL SO WE CAN SCHEDULE A TIME THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU

3 Days In Advance

Once a class is booked and you decides to cancel the class, you will receive half of the payment back because the funds go towards the supplies purchased for that class. This policy ensures that the costs incurred for buying the necessary materials are covered, even if the attendee decides to cancel or not attend the class. You have up to 72 hours to cancel before class. Scheduled class duration is 2-3 hours each day 1. If the class ends exactly at the scheduled time, there would be no additional fee. 2. If the class continues beyond the scheduled end time, the fee of $10 per 30 minutes would apply. 3. For each additional 30-minute interval beyond the scheduled end time, the fee of $10 would be charged. 4. The fees would accumulate for each subsequent 30-minute interval. 5.I will let you know that the session is coming to an end so you will be aware We understand that unexpected situations can arise, and sometimes missing a class is unavoidable. That's why we are pleased to offer you a courtesy missed class, absolutely free! 🎉 However, starting from the second missed class onwards, we kindly request a small fee of $50 to be paid. This fee helps us cover the costs associated with rescheduling and ensuring that our instructors are available to provide you with the best possible learning experience. - Courtesy Missed Class: You will receive one courtesy missed class per semester, free of charge. This allows for flexibility in case of emergencies or unexpected events. - Additional Missed Classes: For any missed classes beyond the courtesy one, a fee of $50 will be required. This fee will be collected before the rescheduled class. I believe in the importance of attendance and active participation in your classes, as it directly contributes to your success and progress. By implementing this policy, I aim to encourage regular attendance while also providing a safety net for unforeseen circumstances.

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